Stop scrambling for last-minute post ideas

Get 30 ready-to-post videos done in a weekend. 


(And no, there's no dancing required. But you do you, honey boo boo.)

I research your unique niche and give you specific content talking points so everything we record together is tailored to your business and sounds just like you.

I'll walk you through the entire video recording process. You'll leave with videos you CAN'T WAIT to post.



Let's Do This!

Broken into 1, 2, 3 or 4 payments (with no upcharge for payment plans)

Treat yo’self to the VIP experience

During our 1-hour Pre-VIP Weekend Call, I'll dive into your story, your offers, and how you say things so I know exactly what types of content to create.

I'll send you 10 b-roll ideas to record and upload to Airtable before our VIP Weekend. Your audience will LOVE the behind-the-scenes peeks.

You'll record 20 talking videos that are scripted, edited, captioned, hashtagged, and keyword-researched by me. You just show up and record.

You'll leave with 30 videos ready to post to TikTok PLUS a whole page of keyword research. You'll also get one week of Telegram support for any questions. 

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Pre-VIP Call

Behind the Scenes

The VIP Weekend

That’s a Wrap

I get so many great questions from followers (new content idea's!) and multiple inquiries a month for my 90-day coaching program. I've created an amazing community that I'm excited to show up daily!

I LOVE that I can drop a question in the facebook group for The Cozy Content Corner and you're always ready with a great detailed answer for me! Takes the guess work out of my social media presence!

I've grown more comfortable with my online presence and show up more confidently for my business! The consistent coaching on Tiktok for business was what I needed to fully embrace the online space! You're the best and give the most to your community!

- Larissa

TikTok has literally transformed my business! 

It is hard to pick one favorite part.

I loved everything: our interactions, your tough empathic love, your wisdom, your sparkly personality, and the ideas you threw my way.

A light bulb moments happened all the times you helped me with mindset, believing more in myself, and even how to better conduct my business.

- Natasha K.

During our 1:1 time together, it got more people to learn about my brand (me) and what I have to offer through my services! 

Before working with Sarah, my Tiktok game was ZERO and it was even holding my company back from launching because I knew starting my business, I would need to have a social media presence - especially Tiktok.

I just didn't know where to start.

I literally put off launching my business because of that part.

Sarah goes above and beyond to really get to know your brand, your brand voice, podcasts you were on... anything that she needs to know to help you create incredible content that is going to allow you to hit those goals you were looking for.

- Alyssa

Sarah goes above and beyond to really get to know your brand, your brand voice, podcasts you were on...

Sarah had literally all laid out for me from stuff I needed to record beforehand to actual scripts and the scripts were SO EASY to follow and record.

I mean - I'm sitting here right now - it's only 1:00 and I'm done recording.

To be honest with you, I'm rescheduling another session with her as soon as possible because this was SO MUCH FUN and normally, I get HUGE ANXIETY from doing these videos.

- Candice S.

I just finished doing my VIP weekend - which is 30 videos in one weekend and HOLY CRAP you all - this was THE BEST!

Sarah is amazing at what she does. I appreciated how she really took the time to ask the right questions and truly understand what I specifically needed for my business. 

She customized a dynamic plan for me and took the time to walk me through step by step. I'm so grateful to have met her. She is passionate about what she does and it shows in the service she provides. 

I definitely recommend Sarah and I look forward to doing business with her again! Thank you Sarah!

- Kadie S.

Sarah asked all the right questions to customize a plan for me. 

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