Candice Made 30 TikToks..In One Weekend

Like you, Candice was busy.

She didn't have a ton of time to think of ideas for videos and create them. Recording often made her feel anxious.

She was doing a lot of overthinking and not a lot of creating.

Candice wanted more time, energy, AND high-converting content, so we worked together for a VIP Weekend.

I came up with the ideas and scripts, and Candice recorded them. I took care of editing, captioning, and keyword research.

Candice had a full month's worth of content ready to post. No matter what was going on in her life, she was ready to SHOW UP for her people.

Content that WORKS

We created 30 TikToks in a weekend. Candice recorded, and I took care of the rest--from scripting to editing to captions to keyword research.

Since I scripted all her videos in advance, Candice was able to ditch overthinking and just focus on recording.

Candice loved knowing she didn't have to create TikTok content for another month. She was prepared to show up, even if things got busy.

When her prior clients saw Candice's TikToks, they were IN LOVE. They kept saying how each video sounded just like her--and new people loved them, too.

30 TikToks, Done

Camera Confidence

Peace of Mind

Client Love

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