Elaine Pivoted And Got New Clients From Her Content

Elaine had success creating content for TikTok for one business, but then she decided it was time for a change.

When she pivoted her business, she needed new offers, a new audience, and new things to talk about....and she felt totally lost.

Together we nailed down her offer suite and her content pillars.

I scripted her TikTok videos, then showed her how to repurpose that content for other platforms. I taught her how to sell in her content on the daily.

When she posted her new content, she got more followers, email subscribers, leads, and clients.

Content that WORKS

When we work together, I take a holistic look at your business. First, we focused on fleshing out Elaine's new offers. Then, we created content that showcased them.

Elaine was comfortable with how-to content, but she didn't showcase her process or client results. I helped her create content to show the whole client experience.

It should be clear for clients to know how to take the next step with you. I optimized Elaine's social bios and links so anyone checking out her profile knew how to get more involved in her community.

Thanks to the content we created, Elaine landed dream clients for her new offers. They'd stalked her socials and felt like they knew her before they even got on a discovery call.

Defined Offers

Content Pillars

Clear Next Steps

New Clients

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